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Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

These days its hard to find someone walking around without a cup of coffee in their hand. There are so many different choices for you to get your morning cup of joe, we have Starbucks, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Second Cup or whatever small coffee shop is your favourite. Over time buying a cup of coffee every morning can get expensive! Good thing there are alternatives like the Keurig and all those single serving coffee machines. But you can’t forget about old faithful… the 4 cup coffee machine, making coffee for everyone in the household.

If you think you are drinking too much coffee your teeth may agree with you but there are many health benefits that come along with your morning caffeine rush. Here are 5 benefits that come along with drinking that morning cup of coffee.

1. Stimulates Energy

Everyone is familiar with how coffee boosts our energy because of the caffeine content that is inside our cup. Although this is very true coffee is invaluable to anyone in a stressful situation who struggles to complete a task when natural energy has drained.

2. High in Antioxidants

Coffee posses valuable antioxidant properties. This means that when you drink a cup of coffee not only are you giving yourself a boost of energy, you are also  helping strengthen your body to clean out those toxins. Coffee helps reduce the risk of infections developing and other illnesses taking hold in your body. This does not mean if you have an infection to drink a cup of coffee and it will cure you, if that’s the case please proceed to seek a doctor, thank you.

3. Coffee helps you lose weight?

If you are someone that struggles with weight problems you are going to be excited to know that coffee may actually help you stay slim. There is some evidence that drinking coffee helps increase your metabolism, this helps burn excess fat.

4. Boost Performance

Some researchers claim that if an athlete drinks coffee before they exercise this stimulus booster can improve their abilities by at least 10%. These researchers argue that coffee leads to higher oxygen consumption while exercising and it encourages the body to break up fat into energy.

5. Boost your mental health

While coffee will give you a boost in physical energy it is possible that coffee also contributes to emotional energy. Coffee is known as a relaxant, but some studies say that it goes much further than that. Research done by the Harvard school of health indicates that women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of developing depressions by a fifth. Coffee may boost your physical energy but these great studies show that it may also give you that mental boost to help you get through your day!

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