Decorate Pumpkin Themed Halloween Cake Pops, Crafts That are Fun for The Whole Family!

Decorate Pumpkin Themed Halloween Cake Pops, Crafts That are Fun for The Whole Family!

Treat yourself this Halloween to some tasty, decorated cake pops. The best way to spend any holiday is with your family, this year spend that time in the kitchen! You’re handing out treats all night long, so why not treat yourself to some easy to make desserts. Show your Halloween spirit with pumpkin decorated cake pops.

This easy to follow recipe along with the Brentwood Cake Pop machine will have your cake pop balls coming out perfect. You’ll be saying hocus pocus when they are done in a flash! 

Stir up your favourite cake batter mix, or make your own batter from scratch.  Skip the mess and make cake pop balls within a matter of minutes. Use a cake pop machine! The cake pop machine is the easiest way to make perfect cake pop balls. All you need to do is make the batter, pour the batter and let the cake pop machine do the rest of the work for you! 

Ingredients Needed: 

  • Cake mix 
  • Orange Chocolate melts 
  • Green Frosting & Black frosting 
  • Lollipop sticks 
  1. Before first use, wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and dry.  
  2. The Nonstick Cooking Surface should be lightly coated with a small amount of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil can be applied with a paper towel or  with a nonstick oil spray. The oil will help protect the nonstick quality of the  cooking surface. *This should be done periodically to maintain the  nonstick quality.  
  1. Preheat the appliance by closing the Lid and plugging into an electrical outlet.  
  1. When the power is on, the Red Power Light will come on. The Green Ready Light will stay off while the appliance is preheating.   
  1. The appliance should preheat for a minimum of 3 minutes. The Green Ready Light will turn on when the appliance is ready to cook.   
  1. Fill each of the twelve pastry wells in the Nonstick Cooking Surface with mixture.  
  1. Close the lid. The cooking time will range between 4-6 minutes, depending on the type of pastries being cooked and personal taste.   
  1. Once the Cake Pops have completed cooking, raise the Lid with a pot holder or oven mitt. Remove the pastries from the non-stick Cooking  Surface with a plastic or wooden spoon. DO NOT use metal utensils, as  they may scratch and damage the Non-stick Cooking Surface.   
  1.  As soon as you are finished cooking, unplug appliance and allow it to cool.  
  2. Once the appliance is cool, following directions in Cleaning and Maintenance section to clean your Cake Pop Maker.  

Decorating your cake pops!

  1. Melt about 2 tablespoons of the orange candy melts in the microwave. You can also melt the candy melts in a double boiler. 
  2. Next dip the tip of the lollipop stick into orange candy melts, then insert into the cake balls. Be sure to insert the stick about halfway into the ball. 
  3. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour until the cake pops firm up. 
  4. Melt remaining orange candy melts. I pour the melted candy melts into a glass cup that is deep and wide enough to completely submerge the cake pop to coat. 
  5. Dip each cake pop into the candy melts and cover completely with coating. Remove and softly tap the stick on edge of the glass to remove any excess coating. This will help in getting a smooth coating. 
  6. Place cake pops into a soft Styrofoam block or cake pop holder and refrigerate until coating hardens. 
  7. Add stems using green frosting (apply with a toothpick) 
  8. The Jack OLatern face is painted on with black frosting (apply with a toothpick) 

Want a craft to do with your family this Halloween? Try making a paper plate bat! It’s quick and simple, all you need are a few supplies that can be found at the dollar store.

What you will need is:

  • Paper plate
  • Black Marker
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Tape
  • Glue

Follow these 6 steps to have yourself a paper plate bat in no time!!

1.To get this craft ready, pre cut the wing shapes from the paper plate To do this, draw a scalloped line across the paper plate

2. Cut out the wing shape. Use it as a guide to cut out the second wing from the other side of the paper plat. Now you have 2 wings Also cut 2 teeth form the paper plate scraps

3.Next, make the bat body shapes using the black construction paper Make an oval for the body, and two triangles for the ears

4. Now its time to paint! Paint each paper plate bat wing with black paint. Set aside to let the paint dry.

5.Using the oval, triangles, and googly eyes, assemble the bat body to make a cute bat face, set aside to let the glue dry

6. After the glue and paint is dry, overlap the bat wings and tape them together. Next, tape the back of the bat body to the wings. Now you have a finished bat. These look great for window or wall decorations, or even attached to string to make them look like they’re flying around the house.


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