Get Your Hands on All Kids Favourite Toys this Holiday Season

Get Your Hands on All Kids Favourite Toys this Holiday Season

Get your kids all the toys they know and love this Christmas! Our assortment will have everyone excited to be opening a gift on Christmas morning.
As part of our Black Friday deals this month all our toys from brands like Nerf, Halo, Star Wars, Roblox, and Fortnite will be on sale!! So, shop early and save!

Nerf: Be ready for a nerf war! We have got you covered with all the supplies you need to win the war. Practice your aim with the digital flip target or the target combo pack with 3 reactive targets. Use the elite blaster rack to organize all your gear in one place, you never know when a Nerf war will start so you want to be organized! The elite total tactical pack comes with targets, a vest, a drawstring bag, and a hip holster to hold your nerf blaster!

Halo Master Chief Helmet: This helmet is truly a one-of-a-kind collectible for halo fans young and old! Featuring the voice of Chief as heard in the Halo games and over 15 familiar weapon and HUD sounds, this helmet also comes with working LED lights! Keep the helmet on its stand on display or put it on and you can be the master chief!

Halo Deluxe Vehicle: Inside this deluxe vehicle & figure pack you’ll find two 4” worlds of Halo figures, one world of Halo scale vehicle, and one weapon accessory! Every piece is authentically detailed and scaled to appear as they do in the halo infinite video game.

StarWars: The StarWars collection includes the Millennium Falcon, Bobs Fett’s ship, and the imperial troop transport. Re-enact all your favourite StarWars scenes with this collection of ships! Each ship comes with figures of your favourite StarWars characters like Chewbacca and Han Solo!
In a galaxy far far away can now be in your bedroom!

Roblox: Welcome to the world of Roblox! Each Roblox is a different theme from a different season of the game. Collect all the packs to have different skins from different seasons. Get your hands on the Roblox Classics, the celebrity edition, ninja legends, and even the tropical resort tycoon!

Fortnite: Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite. This multiplayer game is still the craze for all kids even 5 years after the launch date! Play with your favourite characters in the game outside of the game! Get the Fortnite figure packs and collect your favourite characters in the game. 

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