The 8 Products You Need For Hosting Thanksgiving 2022

The 8 Products You Need For Hosting Thanksgiving 2022

We all know how stressful hosting a thanksgiving dinner is. All the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining can be hard work for the host family. To help you host the best thanksgiving dinner, we put together a list of the 8 products you need to impress your guests and make your hosting a little easier this year. 

1. Electric carving knife

Say goodbye to the arm workout of carving this year’s turkey with an electric carving knife. Manual carving is a thing of the past with this new tool (that’s something to be thankful for!). You’ll have your delicious turkey sliced perfectly in no-time. Shop electric carving knives here.

2. Cheese board 

An aesthetically pleasing charcuterie board is the key to hosting a perfect thanksgiving dinner. Serve your favourite charcuterie cheeses, meats, spreads, and anything else you desire on a beautiful wood cheese board. Your guests will love the stunning and unique designs on this Lynn & Liana cheese board. A bonus – you can actually use the back of the cheese board as a cutting board! 

3. Air Fryer

There’s a reason Air Fryers became so popular recently. They are easy to use, clean, and make healthy food taste great. Your family will be impressed with the delicious crispy vegetable side dishes that you serve this year. Side dishes can be made quickly and easily with less oil than pan frying. Shop Air Fryers here. 

4. Hand mixer

You definitely want to use a hand mixer for mashing lump-free potatoes this thanksgiving. You can give manual mashing a break this year and use a simple hand mixer for the optimal mashed potato consistency. You can be sure that the ingredients will be mashed to perfection, and your guests will definitely want a second serving. 

5. Dutch oven

Nothing beats a good Dutch oven when cooking during the holidays. They are so versatile, and so important! All of your favourite thanksgiving soups, casseroles, and meats will come out perfectly in this versatile piece of cookware. It can basically be used to make your entire thanksgiving dinner! Shop dutch ovens here.

6. Electric wine bottle opener

Forget the hassle of a manual cork screw, an electric wine bottle opener is the easiest way to open your favourite bottle of wine in no time. No more worrying about stubborn corks or finding wood pulp in your wine. Shop electric wine bottle openers here. 


7. Food Processor

A food processor will become your best friend while preparing food for this thanksgiving. They are so useful for chopping, shredding, combining, and save so much time during the preparation process. It can even combine the dough for pie! Chopping vegetables takes so long, but a food processor does that all for you in just a couple seconds. Shop Food Processors here.


8. Immersion blender

Your butternut squash and pumpkin soup will be thick and blended to the perfect consistency with an immersion blender. They are powerful, yet small enough to store practically anywhere in your kitchen without taking up too much space. You can blend soups, salad dressings, sauces, and so much more. Shop Immersion blenders here.


With all these useful Kitchen Tools and appliances, making this Thanksgiving dinner for your loved ones will be a breeze. Happy thanksgiving!

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